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What Is Barsmart? is a website that caters to the nightlife crowd and seeks to catalogue every bar, pub, restaurant, nightclub or establishment that serves alcohol. We offer reviews, photos and user commentary on every aspect of an establishment that can affect your nightlife experience along with news about the hottest districts and information on local bands.

We are here for you, the reader, and our mission is to give you as much information as possible about your next night out on the town.
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How Do You Gather Your Data?

We use sources both public and private to create the most complete nightspot database on the Internet. Our site is updated frequently to reflect new openings, closings or anything else that can affect your experience.

Unfortunately sometimes we do make errors, and we welcome your feedback to correct them. If you find any mistakes on our site, please let us know by sending us mail from our message center. We research every email we receive and post the updated information as soon as possible.
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How Often Do You Review Bars?

With so many establishments out there it's difficult to review them all, but we try to keep our reviews as up to date as possible, giving the bigger or more popular bars frequent reviews because their specials and events tend to change more often. If you see an event or special you like, be sure to call the bar first for specific details.
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How Much Does It Cost To Add My Bar?

There is no fee to add a legally licensed drinking establishment to our searchable database. We want to get your information to the public, and we couldn't do that if we charged you for listing your establishment. We will also send out a representative to conduct a free interview and review of your establishment.

We do allow local bars to advertise through our site as well, so if you want even more exposure please contact us via our feedback form for more information.
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Do You Accept Advertising Money From Bar Owners?

We sure do! However we won't accept any money until after the bar has been given a fair review. We would rather lose potential advertisers then lose faithful readers who trust us to give them the complete picture. Besides, we feel that bars with really negative reviews should spend their money on improvements, not advertising.
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Why Do So Many Bars Have A Rating Of 5?

Because 5 is average. These bars are nice to visit, but they have either many small flaws or several critical flaws that have brought their overall score down. Too many bars will specialize in one thing, only to ignore another. For instance, if you have a great dance floor and security team, but your bathrooms are small and your drink selection is limited, your rating will come out to be average. A 1 is nearly impossible to obtain and on the same note so is a 10.

In the future, user ratings will also change what a bar rating is, so if a bar has a lot of fans that will count as well.
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Can I Review Bars For Barsmart.Com?

We are constantly growing and always accepting resumes. You should be warned however that it's not all fun and games, in fact, its time consuming and extremely detail-oriented. Applicants should have a professional appearance, good writing skills, their own transportation, their own computer, their own digital camera and a very social nature. You are not expected to drink alcohol , so non-drinkers are welcome to apply as well. Send us a message via our feedback form for more information.
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What Are The Barsmart Girls?

The BarSmart Girls are our area spokesmodels. They represent BarSmart on our website and at occasional bar events around town. With their great looks and amazing attitudes they not only help brighten up our website, they also pump up the crowd of any bar that books them. Interested in hiring the BarSmart Girls for your bar or next event? Send us a booking request via our feedback form for more information.
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How Can I Be A Barsmart Girl?

If you are interested in being a BarSmart Girl and are at least 18 years of age, send a photo (or photos) of yourself along with your name, age, location, and a little bit about yourself on our employment request form. Please note, however, that you must be over 21 to appear at any BSG events that take place in a bar. All information and photos are held in strict confidence and will not be used without your permission.
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Are You Hiring For Any Other Positions?

Yes, please check our Jobs area for more information on what jobs are available, and what qualifications are necessary.
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